1. English Language training
  2. General English

Our general English courses are designed to give you the skills you need to converse with your colleagues, friends and family in the English language as quickly as possible. At International language and Education Center, we understand that putting a new language into practice can be a daunting prospect at first, but the skills and abilities of our tutors make learning engaging, effective and fun. Some people who do our courses are learning for work, others for study or simply for personal interest. Whatever your reason for learning English, we promise to give you practical language skills to help you in the future.
Your training program will be enjoyable as well as effective! Our General English Language Courses will provide you with a real sense of achievement after only a few days, equipping you with the language tools you need. Our General English Course is a highly practical course which helps motivated adults to develop their knowledge, skills and fluency in English.

Experienced trainers use dynamic teaching methods and engaging materials to deliver measurable results. We also run regular progress tests to ensure effective learning.

2019-2020 Academic calendar

TermPeriodHourSessionCost (XAF)
Term 1October to December60Session A: 07 October – 13 December 2019110,000
Term 2January to March60Session A: 06 January – 13 March 2020110,000
Term 3April to June60Session A: 06 April – 12 June 2020110,000
Term 4July to September60Session A: 06 July – 11 September 2020110,000

  • Course Program
ClassesDuration per classCourse daysCourse times
Option 1: 3 classes per week  2 hours per class  Classes are on weekdays only  Flexible time slots throughout the day
Option 2 : 2 classes per week  3 hours per class  Classes are on weekdays only  Flexible time slots throughout the day

Others: Placement test

Level Test fee5000 XAF

Course materials:

Student’s book with CD Workbook20,000 XAF 10,000 XAF

   b) Professional (Business) English

English is not just used in everyday situations. It is also used in businesses and professional settings all over the world. Learning English is not just a fun and interesting thing to do, but an important career move as well. Professional English is focused on communicating clearly in a business setting, with co-workers, customers, your boss or anyone else related to work. Knowing professional English really means knowing how to make phone calls, write reports, engage during meetings and be a part of the everyday office routine. You will also know how to speak about the area of expertise of your company or profession in English.

c) Specific English

If you require English language training that is truly focused on your particular needs, then this course is perfect for you. This course is a subset of professional English and focuses on a particular area. Specific English language training focuses on the particular area you would want to improve on. For example, you have a presentation to give, we train you specifically on the presentation language using multiple examples and practice to give you the confidence you need to excel in front of your audience. Planning to attend a business meeting/ conference; we give you specific training based on the type of meeting. You’ll have the opportunity to practice multiple business related questions and answers to make you an effective participant. Whatever you want to do in English which needs specific training and orientation, this course is for you.

D) Young Learner English

Young learner English is a series of fun and motivating English language training classes aimed at improving children’s English language capacity while giving them a clear path for further improvement.

Young Learner English

Term 1October-December
Term 2January-March
Term 3April-June
Term 4July-September

Summer Holiday Classes

Session 1June – July
Session 2July – August
Session 3August – September

Course Program

Monday      WednesdayFriday
Course slotsPrimary10:00 – 12:00
Secondary14:00 – 16:00


Level test fee5,000 XAF
Course MaterialsStudent’s book:     20,000 XAF Workbook:            10,000 XAF
Course fee35,000 XAF