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US Admissions

Most U.S. colleges and universities will require that both undergraduate and graduate students applying for admission take one or more standardized admission tests. They are intended to provide a common measure for comparing the abilities of students who come from a variety of educational backgrounds and institutions.

Study abroad

There exist many schools known throughout the world for their excellence, flexibility and for the range of opportunities they afford. Students travel yearly in their millions to obtain qualifications from such internationally recognised schools and this trend is bound to continue increasing. Western countries like Canada, USA and UK

Learning a new Language

Learning a new language can be very scary at the beginning but like every other learning process, you only need to have courage and be determined. The difference and joy of knowing a new language is that it opens you up to a new culture and increases your chances

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  • Computers with Internet access and language-learning CD-ROMs, CD players, televisions with DVD players.


  • Books and graded readers will soon be available to all our students; watch this space!


  • All the activities and events of the ILEC can be notified to you by SMS.